Beginner program


Start running from scratch with a tried and tested 10-week beginner program.

It includes beginner-level exercises to strengthen important muscles for running.



The Beginner running program consists of 10-weeks of gradual conditioning of your fitness and muscles to run a 5 km, starting from scratch. The program lay-out is simple and easy to follow, allowing you to know exactly when to run what distance at what pace. In other words, you will know what to run each week and day. Finally, it is designed by incorporating running- and fitness science to develop the right type of fitness, while strengthening your muscles and joints to be able to handle the stresses of running. The 10-week time period is the recommended time it takes for these developments to take place while reducing risk of injury.

Your program can be downloaded to your phone or computer, or can be printed. This makes it convenient and easy to follow.

With your download, you will also get a quick reference guide to understand important concepts in your journey to start running. Also, you will receive a basic beginner level exercise program with some exercises that target essential muscle groups.

Terms and conditions do apply when purchasing and using this program.