5 km running program


An 8-week block-plan to improve your 5km speed and time. Additionally, this is a useful supplement to your gym training, Pilates, Crossfit etc., if you are looking to add some cardio. It includes beginner to intermediate exercises to strengthen your legs and core specifically for running.

The program consist of running 3 times per week over the 8-week period. With the running program, you get a 20-30 minute beginner strength program that has strengthening exercises for essential running muscles.

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The Faster-5K running program is an 8-week 5 km program designed from the latest in running science in an easy to follow format. This means that you will know exactly when to run what distance at what pace, simplifying the road to your running goal. It consist of 8 weeks of training towards a target time, telling you what to run each week and day. Finally, it addresses all the aspects needed for running a fast 5 km: stamina, strength, speed and recovery.

Your program can be downloaded to your phone or computer, or can be printed. This makes it convenient and easy to follow.

With your download, you will also get a quick reference guide to understand what to do with each type of run, and what its aim is. Also, you will receive a basic intermediate level exercise program with some exercises that target essential muscle groups.

Terms and conditions do apply when purchasing and using this program.