Exercise programs for​ runners

  • Strengthen your muscles, improve your mobility, improve your running. 
  • At home or in the gym. 
  • Personalised to your liking.

User friendly app

Exercise from your phone with an easy to use app. Your own program with clear videos and descriptions, while you log your progress directly on the app.

Home or gym programs

Train where you want with what you have. Exercise programs are designed to your convenience.

Choose target muscles

Know your core or hamstrings need strengthening? Looking for glut exercises? Specify target areas, and it's on your program.

Easy to use app

Your exercises are uploaded to an easy to use app on your phone. Easily see how to do an exercise and how many sets and reps you should do.

Videos and photos of exercises

Clear videos, pictures and descriptions of exercises. Helping you do them correctly and effectively.

Monitor progress

Log your sessions and make it easy for the coach to see your progress when its time for an update.

Monitor pain, fatigue or how much easier the exercises get.


Exercise program

R 700 once-off
  • Train from an easy-to-use app
  • Tailored to your level, goals and needs
  • Target specific muscles
  • Log important metrics like pain, fatigue etc.
  • Update your program anytime for just R450.

Coaching AND exercises

R 900 monthly
  • Monthly running- AND exercise program
  • All the benefits from the running coaching option
  • New exercises monthly
  • Open communication to chop-and-change exercises
  • Train at home or your gym
  • Personalised progression as you improve

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